Esteemed dentist, faculty, and community advocate Dr. Camacho leads the MCU alumni community

As we celebrate the success of the MCU – College
of Dentistry’s 95th Foundation Celebration, it’s
essential to recognize the exceptional dedication
of Dr. Maria Alicia T. Camacho, who led the event
as the overall Chair.

Dr. Camacho’s dedicated commitment,
leadership, and diligent efforts were instrumental
in guaranteeing the success of this important

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Dr. Camacho
also serves as the MCU Alumni Association
President, bringing her extensive experience and
passion for the institution to her role.

Dr. Camacho effectively brought together
alumni, faculty, and staff, fostering a
shared sense of purpose in celebrating
the college’s history and embracing
future opportunities.

As we look back on the success of the
95th Foundation Celebration, we extend
our sincere gratitude to Dr. Maria Alicia T.
Camacho for her outstanding leadership,
dedication, and significant contribution to
both the MCU College of Dentistry
community and the University as a whole.

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